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A teratoma is a tumor made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, teeth, or bone. Teratomata typically form in the ovary , testicle , or coccyx . [4 It can form eyes, teeth, hair and even organs as it parasitically feeds on your body for its life. In modern science, we call it by the name teratoma tumor which is Greek for monster and the Latin tumor, from tumere 'to swell' which refers to a mass that grows somewhere in the body. As you can see for yourself, these tumors look like the scariest. Teratoma Signs and Symptoms. Teratomas are often asymptomatic. Ovarian teratoma can grow very large and begin to interfere with a... Diagnosis. Teratomas are diagnosed based on histology. They are often detected during a prenatal ultrasound or an MRI. Treatment. The first line of treatment for.

A teratoma is a type of germ cell tumor which contains several different types of cells, caused when germ cells run amok and start replicating where they shouldn't. This type of tumor is actually present at birth, but it may not be noticed until later in life, and it could be considered a form of congenital birth defect Ovarian teratoma Mature teratoma. The mature teratoma is by far the most common type of ovarian germ cell tumor. It is most often... Immature teratoma. Immature teratomas are a type of cancer. These are rare cancers that contain cells that look like... Grading and staging ovarian teratoma. The grade. The tailbone teratoma is the most common among the rare form of a tumor. It is also known as the sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT). It develops in the tailbone section (coccyx) of the human body. The tumor is commonly found in the newborn and the children Ein Teratom, früher auch Wundergeschwulst genannt, ist eine angeborene, oft organähnliche Mischgeschwulst, die sich aus primitiven, pluripotenten Stammzellen entwickelt. Man unterscheidet reife und unreife Formen. Das Teratom ist ein Keimzelltumor, der sich daher in Richtung aller dreier Keimblätter entwickeln kann. Reife Formen können Gewebe wie Haare oder Zähne enthalten, das an der Stelle ihres Auftretens sonst nicht vorkommt und das nicht aus einer Metaplasie hervorgegangen ist.

A grade 1 immature teratoma is made up mostly of non-cancerous tissue, and only a few cancerous areas are seen. These tumors rarely come back after being removed Doctors from all around the world are finding real-life alien type monsters growing within humans. These chimeric creatures have been dubbed teratoma tumors by scientists and they are freaking people out. The word 'teratoma' comes from the Greek word teratos, meaning monster, and tumor, from the Greek tumere - 'to swell. What is Teratoma? The teratoma is a tumor that is encapsulated and has either organ or tissue composition with a complete number of germ layers. There are a few cases wherein the three layers are impossible to identify. It is a congenital defect that has no known cause The most common of these tumors, the mature cystic teratoma (also known as dermoid cyst), typically contains mature tissues of ectodermal (skin, brain), mesodermal (muscle, fat), and endodermal (mucinous or ciliated epithelium) origin

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ovarian mixed germ cell tumor; ovarian teratoma. mature (cystic) ovarian teratoma; immature ovarian teratoma; specialized teratoma of the ovary. struma ovarii tumor; ovarian carcinoid tumors; ovarian teratomas with neural differentiation; testicular germ cell tumor. testicular seminoma; non-seminomatous germ cell tumors. testicular embryonal cell carcinom Mediastinal teratomas are germ cell tumors located in the anterior mediastinum, representing the most common extra-gonadal germ cell tumors. Epidemiology They account for approximately 15% of anterior mediastinal masses in adults and approximat..

Teratomas are the most common brain tumors Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is a tumor that develops before birth and grows from a baby's coccyx — more commonly known as the tailbone. It is the most common tumor found in newborns, occurring in 1 out of every 35,000 to 40,000 live births Teratoma with malignant transformation: diverse malignant histologies arising in men with germ cell tumors A variety of nongerm cell histologies, including sarcoma, adenocarcinoma, primitive neuroectodermal tumor and leukemia, may occur in association with germ cell tumor The grade of an immature teratoma refers to the proportion of tissue that contains immature neural elements (which look like fetal organs). For instance, according to the American Cancer Society, a grade 1 immature teratoma consists of mostly noncancerous tissue, and only a few areas of cancerous tissue, which can be seen under the microscope. The stage of an immature teratoma refers to how far it has spread—a stage I tumor means its growth is limited to the ovaries Non-seminomatous histotypes (embryonal carcinoma, choriocarcinoma, yolk sac tumor, teratoma) are less common, more aggressive in behavior, and can be pure or mixed. Testicular teratoma can be found in children and young adults (20 to 35 is the most common age group, as stated previously)

Ovarian teratoma: Also called a dermoid cyst of the ovary, this is a bizarre tumor, usually benign, in the ovary that typically contains a diversity of tissues including hair, teeth, bone, thyroid, etc. A dermoid cyst develops from a totipotential germ cell (a primary oocyte) that is retained within the egg sac (ovary). Being totipotential, that cell can give rise to all orders of cells. Known to medical science as a teratoma (from the Greek for monstrous tumour), news wires quoted Karanam's post-surgical joke that it was her evil twin sister who'd been torturing. Serum CA 19-9 has the highest positivity rate among other tumor markers in ovarian mature cystic teratomas. Elevated serum CA 19-9 levels are correlated with larger tumor size. But the diagnostic value of elevated CA 19-9 in patients with MCT would be poor if the test was used alone Ovarian mature cystic teratomas are common, benign, pelvic tumors that are easily detected by pelvic ultrasonography. However, patients with recurrent teratomas are rarely noted, and cases of bilateral teratomas are even less common. A young woman with a recurrent, right ovarian teratoma had previously undergone surgical removal 2 times. After the second surgery, she underwent regular out.

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The term teratoma means monstrous or terrible tumor, a reference to the unsettling combination of tissue types found in tumors of this nature. An ovarian teratoma usually starts to develop around the time the patient reaches reproductive age, and is the result of abnormalities with one or more ovarian germ cells The tumors are typically benign and cause no long term damage (other than psychological trauma for the patient, doctors, and readers of this article). Real-life cases of teratoma tumors in people. Below are a collection of real-life, documented medical cases of teratoma tumors in human hosts. Colorado Springs, Colorado teratoma case (2008 A teratoma is a tumor made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, teeth, or bone. They typically form in the ovary, testicle, or tailbone and less commonly in other areas. Symptoms may be minimal if the tumor is small. A testicular teratoma may present as a painless lump O Teratoma é um tumor formado por vários tipos de células germinativas, isto é, células que, após se desenvolverem, podem dar origem a diferentes tipos de tecido do corpo humano. Assim, é muito comum que no tumor surjam cabelos, pele, dentes, unhas e até dedos, por exemplo. Normalmente, este.. Teratoma imaturo. O teratoma imaturo, que é a forma maligna, é um tumor raro, que representa apenas 1% dos teratomas de ovário. Eles são chamados de imaturos porque as células cancerígenas estão em um estágio muito inicial de desenvolvimento

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Tumors may be cancerous or noncancerous. Most germ cell tumors that are cancerous occur as cancer of the testicles (testicular cancer) or cancer of the ovaries (ovarian cancer). Some germ cell tumors occur in other areas of the body, such as the abdomen, brain and chest, though it's not clear why A rosszindulatú daganatokkal kapcsolatban lásd még: rák. A daganat, tumor (lat tumor 'daganat' < tumere 'hízik', 'dagad') vagy neoplázia (lat neoplasia 'új képződmény' < gör νέος neosz, neo-'új' + gör πλάσσειν plasszein 'formál', 'alakít') a szervezet megváltozott sejtjeinek progresszív, irreverzibilis burjánzásából származó.

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A mature teratoma is a germinal neoplasm that differentiates from embryonic multipotent cells into three germ layers. There may also be glandular tissue. The literature describes a total of 658 cases of ovarian neuroendocrine neoplasms, mainly in women over 40 years of age. The authors, together with a systemic review, present a case of a 16-year-old girl diagnosed with and treated for a. Brain teratoma. Prevalence: 1 in 1,000,000 births. Teratomas are the most common brain tumors. Ultrasound diagnosis: Irregular solid mass, with cystic and/or calcified components, distorting the brain anatomy. Associated abnormalities: The incidence of chromosomal abnormalities and genetic syndromes is not increased Growing teratoma syndrome: immature teratoma status post neoadjuvant chemotherapy and consists of persistence or enlargement of ovarian tumor with normalization of serum markers Thought to represent conversion of deposits of immature teratoma into mature teratoma as a result of chemotherapy (chemotherapeutic retroconversion) ( Int J Gynecol. Teratoma. A teratoma is a complex tumor that is composed of multiple germ layers in various stages of maturation and, as a result, may consist of tissue that is foreign to the area in which it arises. From: Cowell and Tyler's Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Dog and Cat (Fifth Edition), 2020

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Teratoma (do grego, terato-monstro, -oma tumor) é um tumor germinativo, formado por um ou mais tecidos embrionários, geralmente encontrado no ovário ou testículos em adultos e na região sacrococcígea em crianças e que podem ser cistos, maduros, dermoides, bem diferenciados (benignos) ou sólidos indiferenciados (maligno) Teratoma is the most common mediastinal germ cell tumor, composed of tissues from more than one of the three primitive germ cell layers (teeth, skin, and hair from ectoderm; cartilage and bone from mesoderm; and bronchial, intestinal, or pancreatic tissue from endoderm). Most teratomas are well differentiated and benign (mature), but rarely. Teratoma: o tumor que quer ser gente Qua, 14 de Agosto de 2013 13:22 Neste encontro, realizado no dia 16 de maio, o mestrando em Genética da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto (FMRP-USP) Ildercílio Mota de Souza Lima, falou com os alunos sobre o teratoma - um tumor misto formado por resíduos fetais e tecidos embrionários and primitive neuroectodermal tumors, even though they are very rare. The present case is of a 17-year-old male patient presenting with mixed germ cell tumor with immature teratoma and malignization of neuroectodermal tumor. Key words: Testicular cancer, Mixed germ cell tumor, Immature teratoma, Primitive neuroectodermal tumor

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Teratoma adalah tumor langka yang biasanya muncul pada ovarium, testis, maupun tulang ekor. Tumor ini berisi jaringan dan organ seperti rambut, gigi, tulang, hingga otot yang sering membuat orang mengira disebabkan oleh santet Código del teratoma. El código ICD10 para este trastorno es C62.9. Etimología. El término «Teratoma» es de origen griego y literalmente significa «tumor monstruoso». Causas. Este tipo de tumor surge cuando las células germinales comienzan a replicarse de forma anormal, contrariamente a su naturaleza Mature cystic teratoma is a benign tumor of the ovary, representing 20% of ovarian tumors in adults. 1 Ovarian teratomas, by virtue of their histological appearance and common occurrence, have. Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is a type of tumor known as a teratoma that develops at the base of the coccyx (tailbone) and is thought to be derived from the primitive streak [citation needed].Sacrococcygeal teratomas are benign 75% of the time, malignant 12% of the time, and the remainder are considered immature teratomas that share benign and malignant features Benign mature teratoma (dermoid cyst) is the most common benign tumor in young age, but malignant version (immature teratoma) is uncommon tumor comprising less than 1% of teratomas of the ovary. Immature teratoma has specific age incidence, occurring most common-ly in first two decades of life (2,3). Overall malig

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A teratoma is a type of cancer that contains one or more of the three layers of cells found in a developing baby (embryo). These cells are called germ cells. A teratoma is one type of germ cell tumor. The mediastinum is located inside the front of the chest in the area that separates the lungs Teratoma can be classified into the following types: Sacroccygeal Teratoma. Sacroccygeal Teratoma (SCT) is a type of Teratoma that arises at the base of the tailbone or coccyx. It is found to arise in one out of every 35,000 newborns. It is the most common type of tumor in newborns and is generally non-malignant at the time of birth The tumor was composed of teratoma (cystic areas) and seminoma (solid white areas at the bottom) with minor component of embryonal carcinoma. Interestingly, the teratoma showed pigmented epithelium and membranous structures suggestive of ciliary body of the eye, besides the usual suspects - bone, cartilage, skin, and intestinal glands Sometimes teratoma tumors have a whole array of mature tissue types in them. For instance, when a surgeon or researcher cuts into a teratoma, they may find glands, eye tissue, bone, cartilage and more. A different teratoma from another patient may contain a distinct mix of tissues like digestive glands, skin, sweat glands, and hair Macroscopically, a benign cystic teratoma is often a cystic mass that contains hair, teeth, and skin mixed into thick, sticky, and often foul-smelling material, as seen in the figure. The majority of these tumors are mature and well-differentiated into cystic teratomas. They are not expected to metastasize unless they occur in the testis

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NCI's Dictionary of Cancer Terms provides easy-to-understand definitions for words and phrases related to cancer and medicine Tumor with >1 mature or immature somatic tissue from different germinal layers (ectoderm, mesoderm, or endoderm). 2 age peaks: <4 years old and 20's to 40's. 2 nd most frequent tumor in pediatric patients, occurring as pure form Een teratoom (Grieks: τεράτωμα, monsterlijke zwelling) (ook wel wondergezwel genoemd) is een vorm van neoplasie, ontstaan uit ongedifferentieerde stamcellen.Het tumoren die weefsels of orgaancomponenten bevatten uit alle drie de kiembladen.Meestal liggen dergelijke tumoren ingekapseld in het lichaam en zijn er verschillende gedifferentieerde weefsels aanwezig, als haar, huid, tanden.

Do people really get tumors that grow hair and teeth? Get all your odd medical questions answered here, on 'Sorry You Asked', an exclusive video feature f.. Small tumors may not cause any symptoms (asymptomatic). However, a large teratoma may cause disfigurement and compress nearby structures such as the windpipe (trachea). Such large tumors may cause additional symptoms including a wheezing or whistling sound when breathing (stridor), difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath (dyspnea) The technical term for the tumour is a mature cystic teratoma. The word 'teratoma' comes from the Greek word teratos, meaning monster, and it's easy to see why. They are formed when a mass of cells inside a body grows into different tissue types, including bone, nerves, hair, and even teeth

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Global incidence comparisons and trends in ovarian germ cell tumors by geographic region in girls, adolescents and young women: 1988-2012. Gynecol Oncol 2019; 154:608. Siegel RL, Miller KD, Jemal A. Cancer statistics, 2016. CA Cancer J Clin 2016; 66:7. Ihara T, Ohama K, Satoh H, et al. Histologic grade and karyotype of immature teratoma of the. sacrococcygeal teratoma 1. Sacrococcygeal teratoma Dr. Muteb alruwaili Pediatric surgery Fellow Security Forces Hospital -Riyadh 4/6/2017 2. • most common congenital germ cell tumor. • Incidence: 1 in 35,000-40,000 live births. • F: M 3:1-4:1 ratio • arises from the Hensen node, which is located in the coccyx A teratoma with malignant transformation (TMT) is a tumor that develops from germ cells when they grow and divide abnormally, forming a mass.. Approximately 6% of teratomas develop into TMTs by a process called malignant transformation, when some of the cells in the teratoma become cancerous. TMTs can occur anywhere in the body, but most are located in the testes in men or ovaries in women A teratoma is a unilateral, congenital neoplasm containing structures originating from all three germinal cell layers, and it exhibits a pattern of growth foreign to its anatomic site. The orbit is a rare, but typical, location in which primary extragonadal germ cell tumors arise. Fig.1: Frontal view of a huge orbital teratoma with compressed.

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Motzer RJ, Amsterdam A, Prieto V, et al. Teratoma with malignant transformation: diverse malignant histologies arising in men with germ cell tumors. J Urol 1998; 159:133. Ehrlich Y, Beck SD, Ulbright TM, et al. Outcome analysis of patients with transformed teratoma to primitive neuroectodermal tumor. Ann Oncol 2010; 21:1846 Teratoma merupakan salah satu jenis tumor langka yang di dalamnya terdapat jaringan dan organ yang meliputi gigi, tulang, rambut dan otot. Tumor teratoma paling umum ditemukan di tulang ekor, ovarium, dan testis, tetapi dapat terjadi di organ tubuh lain.. Teratoma adalah jenis tumor germinal yang merupakan campuran sel matang maupun belum matang sempurna.Teratoma biasanya terjadi pada ovarium. Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is a rare tumor that forms at the base of a baby's tailbone or other parts of the body. SCT develops from the same type of cells that form the reproductive tissues. When these cells develop abnormally, a tumor can result. In most cases, the SCT is mild, only requiring treatment after birth The key difference between mature and immature teratoma is that mature teratoma is a benign tumor which is not cancerous while immature teratoma is a malignant tumor or malignant cancer.. Teratoma is a rare type of germ cell tumor. It can contain fully developed tissues and organs, including hair, teeth, muscle, and bone. Teratomas most frequently occur in ovaries, testicles and tailbones

A teratoma is a congenital (present prior to birth) tumor formed by different types of tissue. Teratomas in newborns are generally benign and don't spread. They can, however, be malignant, depending on the maturity and other types of cells that may be involved A teratoma szó jelentése: szörny. A teratoma nem más, mint egyfajta csírasejtekből álló tumor, mely az embrionális kor három alapszövetéből épül fel, és különböző szöveteket tartalmazhat (haj, zsír, izom, csont). Általában jóindulatú daganatról van szó, de ritkán lehet rosszindulatú is What are teratoma tumors? Teratoma comes from the Greek word teraton, meaning monster. LONDON, England (CNN) -- Teratomas of the brain are very rare and comprise less than 1 per cent of all. tumor present within the teratoma can be connected to the theory of the stem cell origin of this kind of tumor. linically silent thyroid tissue observed within this teratoma The c could be connected improper migration, aberrant differentiation or, as some authors to report, transport of the thyroid cells through the lymphatic vessels Ovarian teratoma is also known as dermoid cyst of the ovary. It is a type of germ cell tumor in the ovary that may contain several types of tissues such as hair, teeth, bone and thyroid. Teratomas.

La parola teratoma deriva dal termine greco. téras, che significa mostro e dal suffisso -oma che è utilizzato per le forme tumorali, e rappresenta un tumore dei tessuti embrionali (benigno, maligno o borderline) che si sviluppa il più delle volte in sede ovarica nelle donne e testicolare negli uomini, ma che può di fatto originarsi in qualsiasi parte del corpo Teratoma quístico maduro. - quiste dermoide (tumor que contiene un quiste lleno de tejidos), más frecuente, compuesto por tejidos maduros derivados de una o más capas germinales, en muchos de los casos se puede observar una predominancia ectodérmica y en muy raros casos puede estar presente restos de retina, páncreas, timo, glándulas adrenales y otros tejidos

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  1. ais pluripotentes e constituído dos mais diferentes tipos de tecidos oriundos de uma ou mais das três camadas de células ger
  2. i. È composto da tessuti derivanti da tutti e tre i foglietti embrionali: ectoderma, endoderma e mesoderma
  3. ativne ćelije sa mogućnošću diferenciranja u tkiva iz sva tri razvojna embrionalna klicina lista (tridermom), pri čemu su tkiva i strukture više ili manje zreli. Najčešće je lokalizovan u polnim žlezdama (jajnici, testis), centralnom nervnom sistemu i telesnim šupljinama (npr sredogruđu ili medijastinumu gde je.
  4. ativas (células embrionárias), que são as células de um feto em desenvolvimento. Posteriormente, vão alcançar um órgão e, sendo estimuladas, desenvolvem-se de forma específica em cada um deles. Na maioria das vezes são tumores benignos, em torno de 90% dos casos. Quando evoluem para malignidade.
  5. Introduction . Coexistence of carcinoid tumor inside a mature cystic teratoma is an extremely rare phenomenon, especially in young women. We present the case of a 28-year-old woman diagnosed with a right ovarian carcinoid and treated uneventfully with conservative surgical approach. Case Report . A 28-year-old woman, gravid 0, parity 0, presented to our department for her annual gynecological.

Central nervous system atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the brain. Central nervous system (CNS) atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) is a very rare, fast-growing tumor of the brain and spinal cord.It usually occurs in children aged three years and younger, although it can occur in older children and adults In the neonate without congestive heart failure or coagulopathy, the prognosis is usually good, with 80% of lesions being benign mature teratoma. Yolk sac tumor or endodermal sinus tumor is the.

In adults, a diagnosis of sacrococcygeal teratoma may be suspected during a routine pelvic or rectal examination that detects the presence of a mass or tumor. A diagnosis of sacrococcygeal teratoma may be confirmed by surgical removal and microscopic examination of affected tissue (biopsy) The mean tumor size was 24.9±7.1 cm. The largest tumor was a 45×25-cm teratoma removed from a 74-year-old woman. A total of 228 (69.1%) patients reported symptoms. The chief presenting complaint was abdominal distention in 104 women (31.5%), abdominal pain in 103 (31.2%) and other symptoms, including menoxenia and progressive dyspnea, in 21. Tumor markers, such as squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) antigen, are useful for identifying the presence of SCC arising from mature cystic teratoma (MCT), but no set cut-off level has been established 3. Discussion. A teratoma is defined as a benign tumour derived from all three germ layers, showing evidence of tissue formation from ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm and not being native to the tissue [].Ovarian teratomas are known to show a diverse variety of tissues such as hair, teeth, fat, sebaceous material, and teeth formed that resemble all the classes []

Embryonal carcinoma + yolk sac tumor + teratoma (11%). Embryonal carcinoma + teratoma + choriocarcinoma (7%). Other combinations. Treatment similar to NSGCT and depends on clinical stage. Prognosis depends on clinical stage, proportion of embryonal carcinoma (unfavorable), and mature teratoma. Excellent outcome (>95% cure rate) for stage I and. Teratoma is a germ cell tumor made of all three germ layers. Because of that teratoma contains tissues and organs which are actually similar, if not the same, to normal tissues and organs. For example, a tumor may contain hair, teeth, bone. In rare cases even more complex organs such as eyes or hands can be found inside the tumor Germ cell tumors (GCT) originate from primordial germ cells and make up 30% of all ovarian tumors.More than 95% of GCT are benign dermoid cysts (mature cystic teratomas).Remaining 5% are malignant. Malignant GCT make up 3% and 20% of all ovarian cancers in Western countries and Asian/African countries respectively Un teratoma maduro é tipicamente benigno e atópase máis habitualmente en mulleres, mentres que un teratoma inmaturo es tipicamente maligno e atópase máis a miúdo en homes. Pénsase que os teratomas xa están presentes no nacemento (conxénitos), pero os de pequeno tamaño non son descubertos ata moito máis tarde na vida do individuo Growing teratoma syndrome is defined as enlarging masses of mature teratoma following chemotherapy for malignant nonseminomatous germ-cell tumors. Typically, there is associated normalization of initially elevated serum tumor markers. We describe clinical and imaging findings in a case of growing teratoma syndrome originating from immature teratoma of the ovary in a 12-year-old girl.

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teratoma germ cell and embryonal cancer that is an encapsulated tumor with tissue or organ components resembling normal derivatives of all three germ layers. Маленькая (4 сантиметра) киста яичника. Background: The diagnosis of ovarian tumors in dogs is usually complicated because the clinical signs can be very discrete and can be easily confused with other diseases. There are few reports of ovarian tumors with different cellular characteristics in the same dog. Our objective was to describe an unusual case of the concomitant presence of ovarian teratoma and granulosa cell tumors in a. Teratoma definition, a tumor made up of different types of tissue. See more Pineal teratoma must be differentiated from pineal lipoma, pineal dermoid, and other pineal gland tumors. Pineal teratoma is a rare disease that tends to affect the children and young adult population. Common complications of pineal teratoma include: Obstructive hydrocephalu

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Teratoma. Teratomas are germ cell tumors that when seen under the microscope, look like each of the three layers of a developing embryo: endoderm (inner layer), mesoderm (middle layer) and ectoderm (outer layer). There are three types of Teratoma Tumors. Mature teratomas are tumors formed by cells similar to cells of adult tissues.They are generally benign and rarely spread to nearby tissues. Kim JY. A carcinoid tumor arising from a mature cystic teratoma in a 25-year-old patient: a case study. World J Surg Oncol. 2016 Apr 21. 14:120.. . Makin EC, Hyett J, Ade-Ajayi N, Patel S, Nicolaides K, Davenport M. Outcome of antenatally diagnosed sacrococcygeal teratomas: single-center experience (1993-2004) teratoid tumor: ( ter'ă-tō'mă ), A type of germ cell tumor composed of multiple tissues, including tissues not normally found in the organ in which it arises. Teratomas occur most frequently in the ovary, where they are usually benign and form dermoid cysts; in the testis, they are usually malignant; and, uncommonly, in other sites, especially. Mediastinal teratoma was diagnosed, a rare tumor at that age. An anterior mediastinal mass was observed on the chest X-ray, which was confirmed by computed tomography. The location and imaging characteristics suggested the diagnosis as well. A median sternotomy was performed with tumor excision, the pathological anatomy confirmed the presence.