WS2812B is a intelli gent control LED light source that t he control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in. a package of 5050 com ponents. It internal include int elligent di gital port data l atch and signal reshapi ng am pli. fication drive ci rcuit. Also include. WS2812B Addressable LEDs. The WS2812B Addressable LED Strip is an intelligent light source that contains a control IC and an RGB LED in a same package, usually in SMD 5050 form factor. The following image shows a strip of WS2812B LEDs. At first glance, it looks like a regular LED strip. But upon a closer inspection, you can find the WS2812B LED. This post is about the WS2812B LED strip, which is an addressable RGB LED strip. The information in this post also works with other similar LED strips, such as strips of the WS28XX family, Neopixel strip and others. We show you how to wire the strip to the Arduino, and the code you need to upload to produce effects In the last few years, programmable LED lights like the WS2812B have taken the illumination world by storm. These tiny modules pack separate red, green, and blue LEDs into a 5mm x 5mm, package, and they also contain a control chip so small that it's hard to see with the naked eye.This tiny chip receives an input, subtracts its own signal, and passes the remaining data to the next module in the.

In this tutorial we will learn how to control individually addressable RGB LEDs or a WS2812B LED strip using Arduino.Find more details, circuit schematics an.. A WS2812b típusú DRGB LED szalag -a hagyományos RGB szalaggal szemben- nem csak egyszerre, az összes LED egyidejű színváltását hozza létre, hanem különböző futófények, hullámzó, vagy éppen más-más színben világító szakaszok látványát is nyújtja Die Ws2812b LED verfügt zum Schutz über einen eingebauten elektrischen Reset-Schaltkreis und Stromausfall-Reset-Schaltkreis. Jedes Pixel verfügt über 256 Helligkeitsstufen und kann laut Datenblatt insgesamt 16777216 Farben darstellen bei einer Scan-Frequenz von nicht weniger als 400Hz / s

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  1. Minden CHIP (vagy szegmens, ami 3 db LED) kap egy meghajtó IC-t (WS2812), az IC pedig közvetlenül 5 V tápellátást. Minden chipnek generálódik egy címe bekapcsoláskor, a szalag első programozható LEDjének címe: 1-es, a következő 2-es, egészen az 5 méteres tekercs (vagy az adott hossz) végéig
  2. WS2812B LED灯工作原理. 在本篇文章中,我们将学习如何使用Arduino开发板控制可独立寻址的RGB LED灯或基于WS2812B的LED灯条。首先,我们通过一些基本示例阐释其工作原理,然后看一个非常酷的使用这些LED灯的Arduino项目 - DIY交互式LED咖啡桌
  3. WS2812B is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping ampl
  4. LED decorative lighting, Indoor/outdoor LED video irregular screen. General description WS2812B is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping ampl
  5. WS2812B LED Strip, ALITOVE 5mm Width Super Narrow RGB Addressable LED Light Strip 6.6ft 120 LEDs Programmable Dream Color Digital LED Pixel Rope Light 5V for Home Theater Bedroom Bar Decor Lighting. 4.6 out of 5 stars 153. $15.99 $ 15. 99 ($2.42/Feet) Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 30
  6. WS2812B-LS-1M-NW WS2812B RGB vezérelhető LED szalag, 1 méter, 60 LED/m, IP20, fehér PCB » Kategória: LED-szalagok (strip

ALITOVE WS2812B LED Strip Neon Sign Light 6.6ft 2M Addressable RGB Dream Color Rainbow LED Pixels Lights for DIY LED Neon Letters Bar Signs, Art Wall Decorative Lighting 5V DC, No Power and Controller. 4.0 out of 5 stars 56. $34.99 $ 34. 99 ($5.30/Feet) FREE Shipping by Amazon WS2812B is an intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated into a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. The data transfer protocol uses a single NZR communication mode Utilisation d'un ruban de LED WS2812B avec Arduino. Les rubans de LED sont constitués d'une succession de LED RGB adressables, c'est à dire que l'on peut définir la luminosité et la couleur de chaque LED indépendamment. Il existe plusieurs modèles de ruban : couleurs unique, non-adressable, 5 ou 12V, etc. Faites attention au. WS2812B Smart LED RGB 5m 60 led/m 5V pasek cyfrowy. Stan. Nowy. 159,00 zł. z kurierem. 7,95 zł x 20 rat raty zero szczegóły w ofercie. 167,99 zł z dostawą. dostawa we wtorek. 10 osób kupiło

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WS2812B is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit Each LED in our WS2812 RGB LED Strips has a built-in controller chip which allows you to daisy-chain the LEDs and control them individually - all from a single GPIO! The constant-current driver in each LED ensures that colour remains consistent, even if supply-voltage varies slightly from the optimal 5V

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ws2812b ledを動作させるには、コントローラーからws2812b ledへ有効なコマンドを送信する必要があります。ws2812b ledの色を変えるのはコマンド1つだけで実行できますが、データパケットを送信するのが複雑です。. WS2812 - Der einfachste Weg, viele LEDs mit Arduino steuern. Bei den WS2812 LEDs handelt es sich um adressierbare RGB-LEDs. Sie verfügen über einen integrierten Chip. Um per Arduino WS2812 LEDs zu steuern benötigt man nur einen einzigen digitalen Output. Trotzdem lässt sich jede einzelne LED in Farbe und Helligkeit gesondert ansprechen This controller IC, usually WS2812, allows you to access multiple LEDs with a single digital pin by assigning an address to each LED and providing one wire communication. But unlike simple LEDs, these types of LEDs do not turn on only by applying voltage, they also require a microcontroller

WS2812B LED Stripe with WS2811 Controller (for testing purposes 12 LED's) Power Supply with 5V 8A Arduino Uno. Everything is wired like you did it in the image above. (Except for the resisitor) When i upload the sketch strandtest from the latest NeoPixel Libary nothing happens after the Arduino IDE shows me that the Upload was sucessfull A néhány éve megjelent RGB LED-ekből készített világítószalag helyettesítő címezhető, sorbafűzött WS2812B RGB LED-ekkel. A LED-chip mérete az 5050 SMD RGB LED-del egyezik meg, ugyanakkor kezelése - a címezhetőségnek köszönhetően - csak egyetlen processzor-kivezetést igényel. A kis vezérlő lábszám a LED tokozatba beépített vezérlőchipnek köszönhető WS2812B Introduction. WS2812B is an intelligent control RGB LED and control unit fabricated in a 5050 package. Each addressable led has its own driver IC, which provides the charge to control the color and brightness independently according to one's own need The WS2812B setup is a different beast than your typical LED. It is an RGB) LED that is integrated with an intelligent control chip in a single 5050 form factor. It supports a single line transmission protocol, where clocking and data signals are sent to the WS2812B, at a minimum 400 kbits per second, to control the RGB value of the LED

ws2811,ws2818,ws2812b,ws2813b,ws2815,rgbw led,digital led A néhány éve megjelent RGB LED-ekből készített világítószalag helyettesítő címezhető, sorba fűzött WS2812B RGB LED-ekkel. A LED-chip mérete az 5050 SMD RGB LED-del egyezik meg, ugyanakkor kezelése - a címezhetőségnek köszönhetően - csak egyetlen processzor-kivezetést igényel. A kis vezérlő lábszám a LED tokozatba beépített vezérlő chipnek köszönhető WS2812B led sequence. I will not go deep into control sequence, to set color you basically need to respect rules below: PWM signal must be 800kHz, or 1.25us per bit. To transfer data for 1 LED, you need 30us; Before you start PWM sequence for all leds, 50us reset pulse (pulse low) is required (40 periods at 800kHz In this tutorial, we'll get some WS2812B LEDs (also known as GlowBits and NeoPixels) working with a Raspberry Pi Pico. If you haven't already set up Thonny for programming your Pico, follow our guide on that first. To follow along you'll need: A Raspberry Pi Pico WS2812B LEDs (we recommend GlowBit rainbow because the version 5 LEDs work reliably with the Pico's 3.3V logic level) Uses WS2812B, data-in only: PCCOOLER: Moonlight 5-pack Fans: Uses WS2812B, includes Data-out connector to keep each fan uniquely addressable if wired in series like traditional LED strips: Any: 5v 3-pin ARGB for PC: Any PC RGB device that supports the 5v 3-pin ARGB motherboard header should work fine with WLED

An improved version of the WS2812, the WS2812B is an intelligent control LED light source, with the control circuit and RGB chip integrated directly into a 5050 RGB LED. As a digital LED strip, each addressable LED has an integrated driver that allows the brightness and color of each LED to be controlled individually, that is, an LED can be of. 示例1 - Arduino控制WS2812B LED示例. 现在作为一个例子,我将使用20个LED长条,通过330欧姆电阻连接到Arduino,并使用单独的5V电源供电,如上所述。 对于Arduino的编程,我们将使用FastLED库。 这是一个优秀且文档齐全的库,可以轻松控制WS2812B LED Interfacing WS2812B Neopixel LED Strip with NodeMCU ESP8266. Now let us interface WS2812B Neopixel LED Strip with NodeMCU. The Circuit diagram & connection is given below. Supply 5V to VCC Pin and connect the GND to GND. Connect the digital output pin to any of the digital pins of NodeMCU. In my case, I used D2 Pin Seguramente necesites darle un toque de color a tus proyectos DIY. Para ello, muchos makers usan las famosas tiras LED RGB WS2812B, con las que conseguir un control del color variado y efectos luminosos bastante atractivos para tus proyectos.Por supuesto son tiras totalmente compatibles con las placa Arduino, por lo que no tendrás problema alguno al intentar integrarlas LED pixel strips are strips which have small LED modules mounted on it. One of these LED modules is the WS2812B which features a cascading port transmission mechanism which needs only a single line. This means that multiple WS2812B can be cascaded and individually controlled by a single connection for data transmission. Therefore, cascading many WS2812B modules requires [

To highlight the features of both the WS2812B and the WS2812 RGB LEDs, we can make use of the following parts: 1 x WS2812 RGB LED (pre-soldered onto a tiny breakout board) 1 x Solderless Breadboard 1 x Breakaway Pin Connector, 0.1 Pitch, 8-Pin Male 1 x Arduino Uno R3 1 x WS2812B Lumina Shield for Arduino Solid Core Wire (assorted colors; 28 AWG) and Wire Strippers Power Supply (Optional) Both. stc89c52rc控制ws2812b led 调色调光(二) m0_52359132: 原来真的15个字评论就真的可以轻而易举的拿到积分吗?那我就也来试试好了,嘿嘿佩服,佩服,一篇绝世好文! stc89c52rc控制ws2812b led 调色调光(一 Die Grundlagen der WS2812b/WS2811 LED Pixel. Im normalen Sprachgebrauch liest man oft von WS2811 oder WS2812b Pixeln. Die sogenannten Pixel sind aber ein Zusammenschluss zweier Komponenten: Die LED. Bei LED-Strips treten Sie meist in Form einer 5050 SMD mit einer Größe von 5 mm x 5 mm und einer Lichtstärke von ca. 16-22 Lumen auf Encontre Led Ws2812b no MercadoLivre.com.br! Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online WS2812B led strip flickering. nedaso September 9, 2019, 10:59am #1. Hello. I recently bought a 300 LED strip (WS2812B 5meters) As in tutorials, I plugged the DATA pin to my arduino pin 6, +5V to my power supply and the ground to both arduino and power supply. I use my computer's power supply, the specification says the 5V pin outputs 18A so I.

ESP32 and WS2812b RGB led example. WS2812 is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit The WS2812B RGB LED strip allows you to control the brightness and color of each LED individually, producing amazing and complex effects in a simple way. Banggood - WS2812B 5050 RGB LED Strip 30/60/144 LEDs/M ws2812 IC Individual Addressable 5V LED Color is a LED Neon Flex,Digital LED Strip, Smart LED Chip Factory Manufacturer,factory supplier of lc8812b,lc8808b, sk6812,sk9822 led;apa102 ws2812b ws2815 ws2813 gs8208 lc8813 lc8818 lc8823 lc8812 lc8822 digital led stri

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  1. g protocol as the WS2812 but has a number of improved mechanical features that really make it easier to deal with
  2. Eladó ws2812b, okos led szalag, rgb, led smd 5050, címezhető - (meghosszabbítva: 3058940006) - Vásárolj egyszerűen és biztonságosan, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet
  3. This 2-meter long strip contains 60 RGB LEDs that can be individually addressed using a one-wire interface, allowing you full control over the color of each RGB LED. The flexible, waterproof strip runs on 5 V and can be chained with additional WS2812B strips to form longer runs or cut apart between each LED for shorter sections

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  1. We've been powering 300 leds on a WS2812B strip just via the Arduino itself. Of course, all of the leds aren't on at the same time, but maybe 60 of them are... About to put 2000 of the leds in a project, and will likely use a computer power supply, as there is a 5V rail
  2. d-bogglingly small - 2mm square. As they are pretty darn tiny, they might be a bit difficult to hand solder
  3. ADY, with the trademark Allcoola, is a factory of many kinds of LED lights, good at Addressable dream color led strips, addressable digital led strips with IC outside, high CRI led strip lights, rigid led strips and pixel panel lights, especially at WS2815, DMX512, SMD2110, RGB+CCT, WS2812B, WS2813, APA102, SK6812, SK9822, CS8812 and so on.
  4. This is a Addressable WS2812b LED Strip that can programmed by an arduino or any other development board. When you want to control each LED's color and intensity individually, this is your solution. Create cool lighting displays where each LED can be controlled all on it's own and turn on/off, change color and brightness by itself
  5. WS2812B LED STRIP Node. Double click the WS2812B LED STRIP node, and change the number of LEDs in the first field. Select LED Slider Node. You also should edit the Select LED Slider Node, so that you are able to select all the pixels on your strip with the slider. Select LED Numeric Nod

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  1. WS2812 LED Strip Working. WS2812 LED strips are an addressable Flexible strip which is very useful in adding beautiful lighting effects. These LED Strips are powered by a 5050 RGB LED with a WS2812 LED driver inbuilt within it. Each LED consumes 60mA current and can be powered from a 5V DC supply. It has a single input data pin which can be fed.
  2. Cinta LED WS2812B: 5 LEDs x 16cm S/ 5,50 La cinta contiene una densidad de 30 LEDs RGB por cada metro, que se pueden controlar de forma individual utilizando una interfaz de un solo cable, lo que le permite un control total sobre el color de cada LED RGB
  3. ded and simplstic. You send a serial stream into them at a fixed data rate, (approx 800kbit/s from memory). Each chip eats 24 bits, and excessive bits are buffered and shifted through to the output (page 5) to the next chip
  4. WS2812B Datasheet Intelligent control LED integrated light source - WORLDSEMI CO., LIMITED WS2812B-V4 Intelligent external control LED Integrated light sourc
  5. But on the other hand, WS2812 can control 1 LED each. So, if you need a control granularity of 1 LED, you should be going for WS2812 instead of WS2811. WS2811 Vs WS2812 Difference In Power Consumption. As WS8211 operates at 12V, the amount of power consumed by it is significantly more. On the other hand, as WS8212 uses 5V, it can operate at a.
  6. The 16-Pixel LED Ring Light will be controlled using the scheme outlined in the Raspberry Pi Pico MicroPython getting started document, where a tutorial entitled Using PIO to drive a set of NeoPixel Ring (WS2812 LEDs) contains a script that we will use to create a state machine on the RPi Pico.The state machine will be used to control the LEDs on the ring light using just a single pin on.
  7. WS2812 Datasheet Intelligent control LED integrated light source - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers DIGITAL LED WS2812 Series Upgrade Instructions, WORLDSEMI CO., LIMITED WS2812B

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  1. ousintensity(mcd.
  2. WS2812B is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in apackage of 5050components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch andsignal reshaping ampli fication drive circuit.Also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12Vvoltage programmable constant cur
  3. ded, this tutorial is prepared for you to try and learn
  4. WS2801B vs. WS2812B. The WS2812 LED strips are often found on the Internet, which are also somewhat cheaper than the WS2801 models. However, these are not all too good for the Raspberry Pi, since the onboard audio output of the Raspberry Pi can not be used anymore. However, I will write another tutorialon how to use the WS2812 LED strips

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The WS2812B Addressable RGB LED is extremely flexible, easy-to-use, and can be controlled separately. These LEDs are equipped with an integrated driver that allows users to control the color and brightness of each LED independently. WS2812B LED Pinout Configuratio Each WS2812B can consume up to 18.5mA per LED, or 55.5mA if all 3 LEDs on the chip are driven fully ON (this would be bright white). At 5V this equates to about 92mW per LED or up to 277mW per chip. It is very easy to end up with a strip of WS2812Bs that demand many Amps of current - a single 1-meter strip with 60/meter could draw up to 3.3. Make your own little LED strip arrangement with this stick of WS2812B LEDs. We crammed 8 of the tiny 5050 (5mm x 5mm) smart RGB LEDs onto a PCB with mounting holes and a chainable design. Use only one microcontroller pin to control as many as you can chain together! Each LED is addressable as the driver chip is inside the LED Cheap LED Strips, Buy Quality Lights & Lighting Directly from China Suppliers:1m 2m 4m 5m WS2812B Led Lights WS2812 RGB Led Strip Light Individually Addressable Led Light Strip Black White PCB IP30 65 67 5V Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return

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April 25th, 2014. I modeled the WS2812 B RGB LED (a 5050 SMD package) that is used in many products as a lighting source. Adafruit sells these under the brand neopixel and you can also source them from china (Ray-Wu's store on alibaba) inexpensively. I've included a video of a staff that uses these LEDs in strip format Eladó ws2812 led szalag vezérlő, 300 effekt 2048 pixel, 5v - (meghosszabbítva: 3068634926) - Vásárolj egyszerűen és biztonságosan, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet WS2812B chip-based LED with the chip logic built into the LED itself (no external IC). Create magic with this magic strip having 60LEDs in 1-meter length. Please note that for quantities less than 5 meters this strip will come along with a separate (unsoldered) 3 pin connector マイコン内蔵RGBLED WS2812B (2個入) [WS2812B(V5)] 通販コード I-07915 発売日 2014/05/27 メーカーカテゴリ Worldsemi Co.,Limited (ワールドセミ) マイコンで1個ずつ制御することができるマイコン内蔵の画期的なフルカラーRGBのLEDです

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OctoWS2811 is a high performance WS2811 & WS2812 & WS2812B LED library, written by Paul Stoffregen, featuring simultaneous update to 8 LED strips using efficient DMA-based data transfer (technical details below).Minimal CPU impact and double buffering allows complex animation Description : WS2812B is a intelligent control LED light source that the control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a package of 5050 components. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant curre-nt control part, effectively ensuring the pixel. An LED strip light (also known as an LED tape or ribbon light) is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components that usually comes with an adhesive backing. Traditionally, strip lights had been used solely in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. Increased luminous efficacy and higher. WS2812 LED demo code. The WS2812 is an SMD RGB LED controlled by SPI. Only four Pins are needed. Operating voltage, ground, data-in (DIN) and data-out (DOUT). In the LED next to the LED chips an LED controller is housed, which takes over the control of the LEDs. This demonstration contains three operational demonstrations, and two methods of.

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Amazon.in: Buy WS2812B Non-Waterproof 60 LED Addressable LED Strip for Arduino (1 m, Multicolour) online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Free Shipping. Cash On Deliver Usando una cinta LED WS2812B con Arduino. Las cintas de LED están compuestas por una sucesión de LEDs RGB direccionables, es decir, el brillo y el color de cada LED pueden definirse de forma independiente. Hay varios modelos de cinta: de un solo color, no direccionable, 5 o 12V, etc. Presta atención al modelo que quieres usar The WS2812B (or NeoPixel) may look like a common 5050-sized (5x5mm) SMD LED, but there's actually an integrated control circuit embedded inside there too. Sometimes you don't need 10 or even 50, maybe you need a whole reel of 1000 Features and specifications. 24 individually addressable RGB LEDs (SK6812- or WS2812B-based NeoPixels) Circle outer diameter of 2.6″ (66 mm) and inner diameter of 2.05″ (52.5 mm) 24-bit color control (8-bit PWM per channel); 16.8 million colors per pixel. One-wire digital control interface

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Alibaba.com offers 10,311 ws2812b led products. A wide variety of ws2812b led options are available to you, such as color temperature(cct), lamp body material, and ip rating ¿Qué es un WS2812B? Los WS2811, WS2812 y WS2812B son LED que disponen de lógica integrada, por lo que es posible variar el color de cada LED de forma individual (a diferencia de las tiras RGB convencionales en las que todos los LED cambian de color de forma simultánea).. Están basados en el LED 5050, llamado así porque tiene un tamaño de 5.0 x 5.0 mm. Es un LED de bajo consumo y alto. 1M 60Leds WS2812B led strip Waterproof White PCB. 1M 144Leds WS2812B led strip NonWaterproof White PCB. 1M 144Leds WS2812B led strip Waterproof White PCB. 5M 150Leds WS2812B led strip Waterproof White PCB Only US$9.99, buy best cjmcu 64 bit ws2812 5050 rgb led driver development board sale online store at wholesale price

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The Adafruit CircuitPython NeoPixel library solves the real-time control problem by using the PWM and DMA hardware on the Raspberry Pi's processor. The PWM (pulse-width modulation) module can generate a signal with a specific duty cycle, for example to drive a servo or dim an LED 12V WS2811 LED Strip VS 5V WS2812B LED Strip Which is not necessarily enough to accurately produce the colors that you selected. If you instead start with 12 volts and have that same 2.5-volt drop, that only represents a 21% change in voltage, and the remaining 9.5 volts will produce significantly more accurate colors than that 5-volt led strip. ただし、ws2812は、ws2811 icが5050 rgb ledパッケージに直接統合された改良版です。 最新のモデルはWS2812Bです。 このチュートリアルでは、最新モデル WS2812B を使用します シリアルledテープで使われているledチップws2812bです。10個セット販売です。10個ずつのカットテープです。あらかじめカットテープ(10個単位)にして保管しています Esta é a fita de LEDs RGB endereçável WS2812B, a versão atualizada da Fita de LEDs WS2812 com estabilidade e eficiência melhoradas. Ela possui um brilho maior que sua versão anterior. A fita de LEDs endereçável é ideal para aplicações em ambientes internos como iluminação de destaque em vitrines, sinalizadores / indicadores.


Encontrá Tira Led Ws2812b Leds - Componentes Electrónicos en MercadoLibre.com.ar! Entrá y conocé nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Descubrí la mejor forma de comprar online Taśma led ws2812 na Allegro.pl - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje. Wejdź i znajdź to, czego szukasz 1) The control circuit and the LED share the only power source. 2) Built-in electric reset circuit and brown-out reset circuit. 3) The color of the light was highly consistent, cost-efficient. 4) WS2813 LED can use same controller as WS2812B LED. 5) When the refresh rate is 30fps, cascade numbers are not less than1024 points Matriz NeoPixel 8x8 (WS2812) LED-0031. Los NeoPixels son originales de Adafruit y son diodos LED de tipo 5050 con un controlador WS2812 integrado. 1 Review(s) 33,50 € Añadir al carrito . Barra NeoPixel - 8 x LEDS RGB WS2812 LED-0030 50PCS RGBW (RGB+WW) 4*3W 12W LED Lamp Emitter Diodes For Stage Lighting High Power LED 45mil Epistar LED Chip, Product Rating: 0.0 Save: US $4.5 From Original Price: US $44.99 Discount: 10